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Our Team

At A.C. Machine Works Ltd., we make sure to employ the finest possible team of machinists and programmers to help provide you with the best possible design, manufacturing, and consulting services. If you have a project that needs completion, no matter what the industry, give us a call and we’ll put our team right on it.

Member’s Name: Charles Chan

Current Position: Manual Milling Machinist

Area of Expertise: Milling

Years of Expertise: 20

Diplomas/Accreditations: Hong Kong

Member’s Name: Matt Leblanc

Current Position: Millwright

Area of Expertise:

Milling/Laying/Repairing Equipment

Years of Expertise: 5

Diplomas/Accreditations: NBCC

Moncton in New Brunswick

Member’s Name: Narmail Chana

Current Position: President

Area of Expertise: Prototype & Design Specialist

Years of Expertise: 49

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